Publications from 2012

Artigos completos publicados em periódicos

  • VIANNA, S. S. V.;Vianna, Sávio S.V.;VENÂNCIO VIANNA, SÁVIO SOUZA;VIANNA, SÁVIO; Cant, Robert Stewart. Explosion pressure prediction via polynomial mathematical correlation based on advanced CFD Modelling. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, v. 25, p. 81-89, 2012.

Capítulos de livros publicados

  • VIANNA, S. S. V.. Towards CFD Fire Modelling Applied to Quantitative Risk Analysis. In: Edited by C . Guedes Soares (Org.). Advances in Safety, Reliability and Risk Management. Leiden - Holanda: CRC Press 2011, 2012, p. 1-507.